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How to Post Press Release that makes your story popular

A press release is an effective way to communicate when your business has something newsworthy to communicate to the media. To know how a brand’s message is being communicated then press release is an effective way of controlling.

Now here is the event that could be worthy of press release:

  • In the launch of new product brand and new business.
  • On the retirement or hiring of high profile staff or management

Press release is not a general news items it is specific to your business. There are some basic rules which are needed to be follow while learning how to write press release.

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Here are the few key elements:


It should be to the point, short and should cover the main thrust of the story. Every day vast number of press release is circulated, so you need to make sure that whether it grabs the attention of the reader or not.

Opening Paragraph

First paragraph or open paragraph should include short story or summary of the content.




Here is the opportunity to explain content in detail. It is good to stay on the topic instead of adding irrelevant detail which is not required.


If you add one or two quotes to your content then it is good from spokespeople within your organization reacting to the news. Always remember to attribute quotes to the relevant spokespeople within your organization.


You can insert it into any press release as it is the standard text of the paragraph. It offers more information about company history and brand.

Contact information

At the bottom of the press release don’t forget to include relevant contact information.


You need to distribute it to the media once you have crafted to the press release. And then share the post on social media.


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