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Ways how to reply Google reviews

In a survey it is found that 60% of consumers looked at online reviews at least once a week. In a survey it is also found that by online review 90% of these consumers were affected.

Now here is how to respond to Google Reviews:

It does not matter whether the review is positive or negative, you should always respond. If the reviewer is rude or less than polite than also your response should be professional. This is because whatever you respond can be seen by so many who looks up your company on Google and your reply will says a lot about your business.

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Here is the following ways which help you to respond:

You need to respond as quickly as possible to customer. When you do so Google reacts positively. It conveys a good thing that you care about what they think.

The best way to start your reply is thanking the customer you need to make the effort by leaving feedback.

You need to respond to the specific comments of the customer’s.

Once you end your response always ask is there anything else or customer has any recommendations?

Add keywords that promote your business which you want to spread among your customers that they may not be aware of.

Way how to respond negative feedback from a customer:

Negative feedback should not be seen as a bad thing as it happens unfortunately. If the comments are unjustified then remember to say sorry. Your response should be polite, anger and aggression in your response will not show your business in a good light and may distract other customers from using your services.

You may report the review if you feel a review is inappropriate and against Google guidelines. If review is not good and upsets you then take some time before sending a response and think about the customer’s comments in a professional way.

After your reply, you need to think about your business that whether there are changes need to make to your business to stop negative similar reviews.

If you dealt well with one person complain then other customers are likely to give you doubt of benefit. If there are multiple negative reviews relating to the same issues then they are less likely to do this.


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